Reputation managers

Chantal Schepers

Chantal is thorough, focused on result and ‘gets the job done with a smile’. She’s got a Track record with a capital T.

Erik van de Nadort

Creative solutions, efficiënt and perspective. That’s Erik. Serial content entrepreneur that will pave the way to result.

Anniek de Hoop

Anniek is a classic allrounder. You name it, she can do it. As a digital nomad, she switches from reputation management to SEO-shizzle in the blink of an eye.

Yvon Reitsma

PR-pro, content marketeer, travel blogger, just two labels you can put on Yvon. Hard to find someone with more relevant experience than this lady.

Tim Boerkamp

Versatile communication expert. With an IT background, an excellent sparring partner. But he can also join the conversation in football, fast-food, cars and speciality beers.

Ward van Beek

Work hard, play hard, is Ward’s ‘rule to live by’. His strategic insight and experience convinces workplace to boardroom

Veerle Wijsgeer

Veerle is our Southern connection. Based in Brussels, this experienced PR-pro is taking care of our Belgian activities for Benelux customers.


Charlie keeps the agency moving but also observes from his Fatboy how the team sinks its teeth into new communication challenges.

Not just any PR/communication agency

ItsaRep is not a communication agency like any other. This already starts with our organizational structure. We are (or we believe to be) the first partnership in communication and PR. We are communication and PR professionals with a strong track record and an entrepreneurial spirit. Which is a very powerful base. Years of experience and quality coincide with a professional attitude and personal responsibility. Great story, but what does that mean for our customers? Simple: you’re always connected to someone who’s responsible for the company as a whole and has the knowledge you need in order to be successful. A combination which is hard to find.

We are down to earth and realistic; we’re not afraid to be straightforward with you and can seamlessly shift from giving strategic advice to providing practical output. And above all: the fun factor is very valuable to us. This makes you happy, right? Us too.

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